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new owning

With a FJONG membership you get endless variety shipped directly to you without buying or stimulating overproduction. Rent your favourites - we will take care of the rest. No commitments!

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Become a subscriber, browse our wardrobe and order right to your doorstep.



Let your new (guilt-free) items inspire the way you dress and feel for the whole month.



Order new items or extend your rental period. We’ll pick up worn items and deliver new ones.

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Imagine having an infinite wardrobe.

One that you share with strong, conscious women all across Denmark. With FJONG you get endless variety while making sustainable choices.

As a FJONG subscriber you can easily discover and order new favourites to compliment your wardrobe. Select the number of items you want to rent and for how long, and your items will magically appear at your doorstep before you send them back the same way.

At FJONG we belive fashion should be playful, convenient and sustainable.

We put overstock back into circulation by matching quality clothes with fashionable women across the country. This way, we maximize usage of existing items and inspire new consumption habits.

Subscribe to FJONG and receive amazing fashion items each month - delivered directly to your doorstep.

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Questions & Answers

  • What happens if I damage an item?Normal wear and tear to items during your subscription period is included in your subscription fee (this includes small stains that can be removed in cleaning and small rips or snags that are easily repaired). For more significant damages, please review the damage or loss policies in our Terms of Service and reach out to as soon as possible.
  • Can I swap an item if it doesn’t fit or suit me?If one or more of your subscription items does not fit, we will compensate you by including an additional item in your next subscription period. Please keep the item that does not fit and order an additional item for your next period (make sure the item has the same rental dates as the other items in your upcoming period). Let us know by writing an email to so we are aware that you have one extra item for your next period. By the end of your period please return all the items including the one that you didn’t use. If the majority of your subscription items do not fit when receiving your order, we will compensate you by letting you order new items for the same period. If you were expecting to wear one of the items for a specific event and need a replacement urgently, please contact us for assistance at
  • I’d like to try FJONG for just one month. Is that possible?There is no binding time for the subscription. Give us a try for a month or two. We think you’ll love it! But if it’s not for you, there is no obligation to continue. You can also always pause or end your subscription. Just let us know and we’ll help you! Remember that all of your rentals must be returned to FJONG by the end of your last active rental period.
  • Can I keep an item for longer than a month?Of course! We are happy to extend your current subscription items for an additional subscription period, provided they have not already been booked by another customer. Please note that items must be extended for a full subscription period (one month).
  • Can I buy an item if I don’t want to part with it?We love when you find new favorite items that you want to keep on wearing! And remember - You can extend your subscription period for the item for as long as you want.

As a partner you free up valuable storage space and capital, get quality items back into circulation and contribute to a more sustainable industry

At FJONG we rent out high-quality clothes to fashionable women across the country. Being a FJONG partner means renting out overstock and bringing new life to your designs.

Join us on our quest to lower the carbon footprint of the fashion industry.

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